Peacock Island And The Magic Cove

While Dubrovnik Croatia is a magical place. Like look below. Duh it’s gorgeous!



There is another place nearby that I had the most magical day at with my new pals, Christine and Paul.  This place is Peacock Island. Just kidding, it’s not really named Peacock Island, but it should be. Lokrum Island is a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik. This island has many things, great calamari, fantastic beaches, a nude beach, and hordes of peacocks.

I have no clue why there are peacocks. Not a single idea. Are they native? Maybe. Did they bring them there? Maybe. Who the fuck knows. As we ate our delicious calamari (They don’t batter it as much so it is perfect) outside in a picturesque garden area where melodic music was playing. We were being stalked by these pretty birds. They would walk up to the table, and would hardly budge as you tried to get them away.

As we finished our lunch I tried to ask the waitress where we could find the “naturalist beach”. She looked at me confused, and explained there was nature all around. I bucked up, and asked her where the nude beach was. She quickly explained. We walked along in search of the nude beach, but we didn’t know if we should expect a sign or not. So I just kept peering down the paths to the beach and trying to see if anyone was naked. We’ll there was a sign, and it was quiet obvious.

Okay guys, I guess this is it.

I was the only one who took up fully getting naked. Christine kept her suit on and took a nap surprisingly close to some naked old men. Paul joined me in the water, but only would get naked once he was in. I swam around relishing nature on my bare skin. You can tell the serious nudists apart from us spontaneous nudists. They have zero tan lines, unlike my very white then very tan ass. Soon we were off since the others weren’t too keen on this beach. We found a magical cove, and we decided to name it the Magic Cove. Clever right? It had water, but was surrounded by rocks, so we had no clue how the water got in. It even had a small cave. I sadly don’t have any photos that do the magic cove justice, but believe me it was magical. We finally caught the ferry home and Paul and I got drinks at a bar on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. How is that for an awesome day?


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