One Is The Loneliest Number In Split

Trips aren’t all magic and gum drops. Sometimes they are lonely and sometimes they are depressing. Sometimes magical things change them quickly for the better. Upon arriving in Split I knew I was going to be disappointed. Dubrovnik was a gorgeous city that appears as if it was built by Disney. Split felt real. Normally I would have found Split breathtaking, but after Dubrovnik it was just bleh.

My first night I payed for the pub crawl since I hadn’t made any friends yet. This pub crawl was enormous. There were probably one hundred people on it. We started at the house bar where we were treated to an hour and a half of free drinks. Free very crappy drinks, but free none the less. I began to make friends, and all was going well. Then we headed to the next bar, and things began to go awry. I lost the friends I had made on the walk. The next bar was a big club, and I worked to reunite with people I recognized.

Once I found them things went well for a bit. I taught some Irish boys how to booty dance in my continuing effort to bring bump and grind effort to Europe. But then everyone kept splitting up, and I continued to find myself awkwardly alone. I thought my luck was changing when I met a very exuberant Irish girl. We walked to the next club holding hands and talking about how we were double trouble. At the next club it became clear that her other friends and her were partaking in coke. We then went to the bar, and as I ordered and paid for my beer, one of the girls of the group who was buying that round, took her drinks off the bar and ran full speed in the other direction. I followed her, and realized she had just stolen them. I was becoming less enamored with this group by the minute. Soon the very large bartender was there and yelling at the girls as I tried to back away because I simply wasn’t part of this. Sadly I ended walking home the long walk alone, and I was only comforted by the fact in Old Town I heard a group of people singing along to an acoustic guitar on the streets. Not comforted enough though to keep me from crying drunkenly in bed.

So very crowded.

Kathy and me at the waterfall.

The next day I made friends with a great girl named Kathy and we spent the next two days swimming of the rocks, and swimming by a waterfall. All that normal Croatia stuff, but on our second night we decided to party. We started at a backpackers bar, and when we met some ex-pats living in town we decided to follow them to another bar. I should have known the night was headed for a worse turn when we showed up at the first club from the night before. She quickly became enraptured with her fellow and I made friends with the Irish ex-pat. We danced and were jolly, but soon Kathy and I wanted to go to another bar. I was waiting for her to be ready to go when the ex-pat I was hanging out with said if I was going to be annoying and wait for my friend then he didn’t want to hang out with me and he stormed off. A moment later Kathy and her fellow were ready, and the fellow ended up leading us to the second club from the night before. As we walked we were about fifty feet behind the nasty ex-pat the whole time. At the club we lost Kathy’s fellow while we were in the bathroom, and I kind of hoped she’d be willing to leave this place and come home with me. We found him though, and since I really didn’t feel like being their third wheel or standing around alone I left and walked home alone in almost the exact same predicament as two nights before.And it made me twice as upset.

The night started off so promising.

As I entered Old Town I heard singing once more. It was even louder and more intense than the night before, and as I approached I saw dancing. Synchronized dancing. It was awesome. It was the people from the night before. I sat with some other people on the steps and watched these kids sing in Croatian and dance around. I learned from someone on the steps they were rehearsing a musical about Croatia. It was hilarious to see these twenty somethings dance around with jazz hands. After they finished I gathered myself up and finished the walk home. Partying in Split might never have been great for me, but I did get to see a Croatian musical. That’s something magical I might never had of run into if my nights hadn’t been utter shit.

This happened. I’m so glad this happened.


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