Milo’s Sordid Past / About Page


You know you want to wear this badass helmet.

Milo is a playwright / hula hooper / traveler / drinker / unemployed bartender / unemployed nanny / millennial (ugh I know I hate us too) / burner / wanderer/ ukelele player / feminist / intense karaoke singer (I take it far too seriously) / woman. I am a lot of things at once and that can get awfully confusing, but it can also lead to the spectacular talent of being able to hula hoop, play ukelele, and sing all at the same time (crazy right?). After one year out of college, and countless hours of bartending late into the night only to wake up and nanny the next morning, I have decided to quit everything and backpack through Eastern Europe alone. Luckily sixty hour work weeks and having no social life have left me with a substantial savings to do this, but this first year of true adulthood didn’t bring me closer to my creative goals. It only seemed to lead me farther from myself. I want to be the fearless wild child I once was, and I want to look like a goddamn hippy doing it. So here I go off into the great white world… Who knows what I will find? Better yet, who knows what dirty pictures I’ll be able to take with statues?


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