Parties With Strangers And Cats

I could jump from higher up, but I’m far too much of a pussy for that.

After my wild night in Copenhagen I arrived in Dubrovnik Croatia! My first day was spent more solitary as often happens on the first day in a new city as you get your baring and try to find friends to hang out with. You approach a new city  with respect. Even the great beauty of Dubrovnik did not instantly suit me, but soon I would learn to love it. Never spend less than two days in city because otherwise you don’t have time to fall in love with it. Soon I met Christine  and my solitary time was past. Christine and I spent a great time jumping of the rocks into the sea. And by rocks, I don’t mean the giant cliffs others jumped from, but the baby rocks three feet above the water. I still squealed like a frightened girl. Sandy beaches are rare in Croatia. Instead you have rocks that lead you straight into the deep blue Adriatic Sea. Unlike sandy beaches you are just tossed into the deep clear water. It’s so salty you don’t need to do anything to magically float up and down. You are just bobbing around staring up at the rocks and the mountains and going, “Holy fuck! I’m in the sea in Croatia!” It’s more beautiful than you could possibly imagine. Sometimes though climbing back up is the difficulty, and that’s when you recruit a cute Croatian boy to help you out.

Swimming off my favorite rock beach in Dubrovnik.

Soon I met Paul, and we became partners in crime. We first had a lovely evening of seafood at a sweet outdoor restaurant while a Croatian man played the acoustic guitar. As we munched on the delicious seafood the region is known for I knew my trip was picking up. When we arrived back at our hostel it was quiet hours and everyone was gone. We decided to be the hooligans we are and go clubbing. I highly recommend Sky Bar if you are in Dubrovnik. It has a quiet atmosphere upstairs with a raging dance floor below. We spent the night dancing, and I learned that as an American I dance radically different than everyone else in the world. NO ONE but Americans booty dance. When I’m in a club I’ve always grind danced and shook my ass, but no one else does it turns out. So there I am dancing like a hooker compared to these Europeans and Australians bouncing side to side modestly. Screw it. I can dance if I want to. And I can do it in the crazy inappropriate way I learned in the states.

This was an appetizer of mussels and dear lord it was huge.

But the one huge thing I learned about Dubrovnik in my first day was the abundance of cats the city has. Everywhere I went had adorable, or sometimes starving looking cats scattered around.

I’m just chillin.

Because everyone needs a cat selfie photobomb. No sentence ever sounded so American.

You can’t hate a city with this many adorable cats. Sorry Izzy, but this cat outdid you. It just sat there lovingly while we took turns petting it.


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