Volcanoes And Boat Jumping In Santorini

Richard and I went to sleep in Santorini with plans of renting an ATV again the next day and further exploring the island. Oh how wrong we were. At some point in the night I woke up to Richard entering the room and informing me that he thought he had gotten my stomach bug. I kept hoping in my mind that by morning he would somehow be magically better so we could continue our plans, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. He got up in the morning to join me for our private breakfast on our balcony, but he was only able to nibble on toast. We had changed roles. Now I was the one eating a full breakfast while he watched. He kept insisting that we not cancel our ATV rentals, and that he might feel better in an hour or two. Finally I had to sit him down and tell him, “Hun, I love you, but you are in no way okay to drive an ATV today.”

He went back to sleep and I lounged by the pool. It was a slightly chilly day, and I realized even if we had gone beach hopping on an ATV it wouldn’t have been good beach weather. Every once and a while Richard would come down and hang out by the pool with me. I went down the hill a bit by myself and had a lovely lunch. It was the first seafood that I was able to successfully eat in Santorini. I had grilled squid and grilled octopus. I hurried back to check on my man who was asleep in bed. He was lucky though. His stomach bug was not nearly as bad as mine, and by dinnertime he insisted we keep our dinner reservation to my protests that we could stay in.

We took a cab to Oia, which is an picturesque town on Santorini. We sat outside watching the sunset as the resort next to the restaurant played the oddest compilation of music I might ever hear. You could be listening to Bob Dylan followed by Eye of the Tiger. At one point they played the famous song that he crosses the race finish line from Chariots of Fire. I never wanted to leave just because I had to know what they were going to play next. As the wind picked up after the sunset many couples went inside to sit. They brought us out blankets, and we decided to stay outside. I love restaurants that give you fleece blankets. I like to base my opinion of restaurants off ridiculous things like blankets and comfy seating. If you’re a street cafe with couches and blankets then in my opinion you’re a five star place.

You know a place is good if they give you a blanket.

The next day Richard was fully recovered and we went on excursion. Richard finally got to do the thing he was most excited about, which was riding the cable ca down the hill to meet our boat. There we waited what seemed forever for our boat to come. The tour guide spoke an impressive amount of languages, and was able to speak to everyone. The boat first whisked us away to the nearby volcano. There we hiked to the top, and got to laugh to ourselves at all the people who wore sandles on the pebbly and rocky terrain (we’re assholes). At the top the guide gave a long lecture about something to do with volcanoes. Honestly I couldn’t follow any of it. I wanted to because he was so passionate, but he was speaking ridiculous gibberish, and I was glad afterward to learn that everyone else felt the same way. We took photos and marveled at the view after.

I’m on a volcano!

Next we sailed over to the hot springs. The favorite part of my day then happened. To get to the hot springs you have to jump off of the boat into the water and swim to them. One man jumped off the boat at the wrong spot and before you supposed to and thee crew began yelling at him because he was swimming near the engines. They made him climb back in the boat. Anyone who has read about my love of Dubrovnik will remember I love jumping into deep water. I jumped off with a vigor and swam to the hot springs with Richard. The hot springs aren’t too impressive. They begin getting warmer than the rest of the water. The water there is rust colored and will stain your bikini if it is a light color. I was smart and wore a black bikini. All too soon we hand to get back on the boat though.

Sometimes you want to jump in water.

Then we went to a small island for lunch. Richard and I rushed off the boat to get to the restaurants first. We walked like New Yorkers. Afterwards we rested by the water, and I spent the whole time wondering if I could sunbath topless, but decided against it because I didn’t want to be the only one.

I’m on a donkey, Bitch!

The boat finally dropped us off in Oia.There we did the infamous donkey rides. The donkey men are kind of nasty. They yell at you and yank you up on the donkeys. It’s all pretty terrifying. Then the donkeys scurry up the hill while you pray you don’t fall off. Mine kept trying to fight his way to the front which put me right by the two foot wall looking at the fifty foot drop down the hill. I actually loved it though and would do it again in a heartbeat. Richard, not so much. We had dinner again in Oia, and took a cab back to Fira after. We sat together at the end of the night. We were both sad that our time together was coming to an end so quickly. Richard left really early in the morning. The next day I left my room but hung out around the pool until it was time to head to the airport.

Yeah, that’s a view!

I can honestly say the Santorini airport is the worst airport I’ve ever been to. I got there and the line to check in was out the door of the airport and there was no real system. After an hour of standing in line I checked in. Security I had no line though, and passport control was non existent. I got some terrible food. I ended up sitting on the stairs for a while because there were no seats. The bathrooms didn’t even have soap. I ended up sitting on the floor by the gates listening as hard as I could because they weren’t really giving us any information on flights. Finally I boarded my plane which was rather nice. Thank you Air Berlin. I flew to Austria, and had a short layover there. Then I flew to Berlin and had an even shorter layover. They boarded us on a bus to get to our plane. The bus kept driving. Everytime I thought we were arriving at our plane the bus would turn and we would go to an even more remote part of the airport. I finally felt like they were going to exit the airport and drive us to Krakow. We did finally reach a plane. A tiny little plane that sat past even the warehouses where it looked like they stored or worked on planes. I got on fell asleep and next thing I knew I was in Krakow.


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