The Power Of A Hula Hoop

A hula hoop is a powerful tool for making friends. One second you know no one, and the next you’re hula hooping and people are excited to meet you. With traveling in Europe being from NYC is similar as well. I’ve found Europeans love to tell me how much they love Seinfeld or Sex In The City. In Romania I met one young gay male Romanian who was more than happy to help me navigate the tram because he overheard I was from NYC and he loves Sex In The City. It’s weird to think how one young person who grew up in a village in Romania loves the same television show as me.

Photo: On my way to hoop in Zagreb.

On my way to hoop in Zagreb!

But back to the hula hoop. I’d already befriended a young man in Coppenhagen that had me teach him hula hoop isolations, and now I had a quick stop over in Zagreb Croatia. The parks there looked so beautiful I knew I would have to hoop in them. Some places just call to me saying, “Hula hoop in me Milo!” So I built up my hoops, and wandered towards the park. I stopped though in the main square when I saw a street performer singing American songs and playing his guitar. I asked if I could hoop with him, and moments later I was. The attention he got quickly rose as I started hooping and double hooping with him (double as in two hula hoops). During a break between songs I learned he was a German backpacker and he was street performing to pay for his trip though Europe. He also thanked me a bunch because he told me I was definitely helping his tips. Our highpoint was probably when he sang a Jack Johnson song, and I sang along while hooping. But that shit makes you quickly out of breath. He was kind enough though to take a break at one point and film me hooping in the square. Soon I was off though to go hoop in the park and collect more travel friends

Video of Me Hula Hooping In Zagreb


My other hooping highlight was in Budapest. My friend Eli and I were on our way to the bathhouse when we passed some sort of children’s festival. There were many circus toys. I saw kids trying to play with poi, disks on sticks, and walk on the slack rope. I was sad I didn’t have my hoop on me. Then I saw it. Two silver hula hoops sitting up against the stacks of toys for the kids to play with. Eli knew we needed to stop for a hoop break. I quickly got my hoop on and a few kids stood around with their mouths open in shock. It is fun wowing little kids with the magic of hoop. Soon we were off though. Another day, another hoop adventure.

At the children’s festival!


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