The Longest Day Of Our Life

My first meal in Budapest was McDonalds. Don’t judge me. I ate nothing but a few cookies on the seven hour train ride because I forgot to buy anything ahead of time. So when I got to my hostel I was tired, hungry, and not the excited traveler I normally am. I cried to my boyfriend on facetime. Crying happens when traveling. It’s intense an intense experience, especially when you do it alone. So I ate McDonalds and it felt amazing to eat something normal and something my stomach recognized.

Soon I made friends though with girls from my hostel and things were on the up and up. We drank on the couch while waiting for their friends to arrive. Once they did we were off for a night out of drinking. It was an okay night. We stole a giant glass, a Australian boy tumbled to the ground while giving a girl piggy back and he spent the rest of the night looking like a hurt puppy dog. My night went up and down though. I learned yet again that backpackers are mainly looking to hook up. Everybody is out flirting, and often I get disappeared on as a taken lady. I’ll be having a great conversation and then they move on to flirt with some girl, or some girl disappears to flirt with some guy. Either way I get deserted. It can suck.


Budapest Bitches!

When we returned to the hostel I met Eli though. He was sitting on the couch holding court with some people, and he invited me to have a beer. I was going to go to sleep, but something told me stay up and hang out with this guy. So I did. And it felt like the first intelligent conversation I’d had in a while. We discussed Israel and religion and every random and sensitive topic there is to discuss. We made plans to spend the next day together. I told him, “I think this is the beginning of beautiful friendship.” He replied, “Of all the gin joints in this town you walk into mine.” I knew our fate was sealed. As we walked to bed we realized we were not only in the same room. We were both up on the loft with our beds directly facing each other so the foot of each bed rested against the other. What better beds for besties?



We went on a walking tour the next day. We rocked it. We picked out the hottest guide with the most personality and cheated our way into his group. If you are in Budapest do the free walking tour! It rocks. I’ve done it twice. The tour ended at the castle hill top on the Buda side of the river. We had mulled wine and looked out on the gorgeous view. A small band played “As Time Goes By”. It was perfect for our Casablanca friendship.

Photo: Budapest.

View from Buda.

Later we got back to the hostel after having Vietnamese food, and buying Eli a swimsuit that wasn’t so tight that it made him feel like PENIS. After showers we were ready for a fancy dinner, a night on the town, and a giant rave bath party. We walked along the main road in search of this street full of restarunts that I remembered beng there last time I was in Buapest. We finally found it just as I suspected I was insane. We found what is I suspect the same fancy restaurant I ate in last time I was in Budapest. There is a Hooters next to it now, and it has the most gorgeous Hooters girls I’ve ever seen. I love fancy restaraunts in Budapest. You sit outside and they give you soft fleece blankets to keep you warm.

I had pork medallions wrapped in bacon. Amazingly when it came it had an amazing feature the menu did not list. It was topped with a huge serving of fois gras. The night before came up and I talked about how most backpackers are just looking to hook up, and will drop you at the drop of a hat Eli gave me the best compliment ever. He said I was fois gras while most women are french fries. Fois gras is special and not everyone realizes they like it because some aren’t willing to try. A compliment from Eli was high praise because he is honest to asshole extent. While hiking up the castle hill he told me my ass was only good and not great. Later this was rescinded because he said the dark lighting had not been favorable for it.

Photo: Where we had our fancy dinner. Gotta love a lap blanket. $30 each for entree, bottle of wine, dessert, and tip.

Our fancy restaraunt.

Soon we headed to Szimplaz Ruin Pub. Ruin pubs are giant bars in old dilapidated buildings. There is writing all over the walls, weird furniture like cars or bathtubs turned into seats, and every odd knick knack you can imagine. It was crowded but we got drinks and sat on this carpeted stage. A few minutes later a group that was smoking hookah decided to leave and asked if we would like the two hookahs they had. Hell yes we did. We also decided to share our good fortune with an American group sitting nearby and soon I was making friends with other New Yorkers. Soon we realized we needed to make it to the bath party and we gifted the hookahs to them. Little did we know we were heading to the most debacherous party in Budapest. Check back to here about the party.

Photo: Szimplaz. Best bar ever.

There is never a reason why for the things at Szimplaz.


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