Things Go Awry In Copenhagen

Lot's of bottles.

Lot’s of bottles.

The Copenhagen Gang!

The Copenhagen Gang!

If I had a Native American name it would be “Parties With Strangers”. It’s what I do, and what I love, partying with strangers. My first night of my European adventure proved this all over again for me.

I had a flight out of Copenhagen at seven am, so I knew I would need to get up at four am. So I planned to go to bed early, or at least by eleven or twelve. Planned is the operative word. I was just going to have a few quick drinks with my hostel roommate. And I failed miserably at my early bedtime.

My hostel roommate, S, was this adorable pocket sized nineteen year old who made you just want to adopt her. We clicked in the room, and decided to check out the hostel’s open mike karaoke. Of course I ended up singing at the open mike, and was awarded the world’s most disgusting shot. Soon though we befriended two sweet British men who were ex military men.

Of course this friendship led to them buying us drinks. When the bar had last call all of a sudden to beers were being set down in front of each of us. They had bought us drinks to last for a bit.

We ended up playing “Never Have I Ever”, which of course was my doing. Every round was sexual. Soon we were learning the deep dark sexual secrets of each other, and surprisingly our pocket sized S was the dark horse who surprised us all with her deviant past. As soon as anyone meets me they know I probably am a bit deviant.

Before I knew it the time was three am, and I knew I was getting almost no sleep. I headed back to my room to catch the hour of sleep I could. After a much too quick nap I was catching a taxi to the airport.

Even in a taxi I couldn’t help having a nice chat with my driver. This led to him telling me how he thought I was a great and outgoing girl because of my travels. He even gave me a discount “supposedly”  on the fare.

Even on my short layover through Copenhagen I managed to prove I definitely am “Parties With Strangers.”


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