Patience Is A Virtue And Ambien Leaves You Groggy

I’m here! And by here I am not in Dubrovnik Croatia. I am in my nineteen hour lay over in Copenhagen. But I have left the airport and have experienced some of what this impressively charming and expensive city has to offer. I’m glad I’m only here for nineteen hours though because beer should not be ten dollars a glass. That’s just cruel and unusual punishment.

Photo: Milo is in Copenhagen!

Looking windblown in a garden!

To get here was a trial in patience though. My flight was delayed by hours, and they would never tell us where it was leaving from so I wondered around the terminal like the lost little puppy dog I was. When I finally was able to board my flight I popped an ambien, and began to marvel at the impressive selection of free movies and television shows Norwegian has on board. Maybe they don’t suck completely. I dozed off to The New Girl, and woke up over Europe feeling like a groggy piece of crap. Taking an ambien at 11:45 US time and waking up at 7:30 am US time is not fun for anyone. When my plane finally landed I opted for the metro instead of a cab mainly because while my hostel gave me decent metro directions I had no clue how to tell a cab how to get to my hostel. You never realize how technology dependant you are until you arrive alone in a foreign country and are not able to look up your questions on a smart phone.

So so so many bikes. And almost no one locks them. A bike thief would clean up in this town.

The metro in Copenhagen is ungodly clean. It feels like Disney World. It’s pleasant, but something in me loves the grubby realness of NYC transit. After checking into my hostel I went in search of a cheap prepaid phone. I found that for some reason that is a concept the Danish have not taken to. The first phone store sneered at me, “A cheap phone?”. They sent me to a large electronics store that only had one prepaid phone, and it would only work in Denmark. Gone are the days of my easy London phone that I’d just pop more minutes on and take all over Europe with me.

Once I gave up on my search I found there was a park directly next to my hostel. So I did the one thing a girl could do. I hula hooped. And of course I met a nice Danish guy in the process who was mesmerized, and insisted on learning the isolation trick. I’ve been Europe all of  five minutes and I’ve already made friends. Tonight is open mike night at my hostel, so who knows what mischief I’ll get up to.


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