Hula Hoop and Dirty Statue Photos

My last European adventure gave me a lot of things like culture and sophistication. But mainly it yielded some fantastic photos of me hula hooping, and doing dirty things to statues. So below you can experience a ridiculous Miloventure.


Purple Hair! For when regular hair just won’t do.



The infamous stone penis that almost crushed my hand. This penis is motorized (IT MOVES) and shoots water into the fountain.






Because some days you need to motorboat a statue’s boobs.


Hooping by the fireside in Italy is the thing to do.


I would explain, but there is no explanation. I’m just an ass sometimes.


I love me some hula hoops!


Why does this statue exist? And why do I have the need to spank it?


A girls got to play with fire sometime. But in London they have monthly fire spins on the beach of the Thames!

The creepiest statue I cannot find a picture of. In Prague outside the Children’s Toy Museum there is a statue of a young naked boy, and you are supposed to rub his penis for good luck. That’s honestly creepier then anything I come up with.

Soon I will have new photos and videos of me around the world. I will be posting many hooping videos as well as I start to create my “Milo Hoops Around The World” video. So stay tuned!


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